Digital Age of Interviewing

Since we have been in the Digital Age for several years now and inclusion of powerful technology this has truly changed the fundamentals of interviewing. We are no longer in a time where just familiarity of your resume, some volunteering & one good professional reference will secure you the job. You have to take far more into consideration than any time before.
Here are some factors to consider:
  • Your social media accounts will be searched – are they professional/presentable and reflect you in a positive manner
  • Be active ¬†within online industry groups/communities
  • Be knowledgeable with current industry breaking news, trends, forecasts, investments, technologies, executives profiles, corporations
  • Ask for list of interviewers – research their professional backgrounds, publications, certifications, universities, memberships
  • Know competitors/partnerships of the company with corresponding supporting data
  • Several Professional References/Personal connections are required (not optional)
  • Published articles, posts will be referenced once found online
  • Do you have certifications that would be beneficial within the industry? If so, list them
  • Do not place in correct data on your resume or profiles – this can be easily cross-referenced for accuracy ¬†
  • Your online presence will be used towards a judgement of character (companies value now more than ever)

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