5 Things NOT to say on an Interview

5 things to never say on an interview:

  • That you don’t like you current employer.
  • That you will do anything.
  • Not a quick learner or results oriented - talk about projects lead, under budget, tell how you have done things, etc…
  • Don’t tell anyone you don’t know how to do something, rather, think and connect to something you have done that is similar…. Can I think about that and circle back to it…
  • Don’t ask what the company does - you should have done your research..
You are interviewing the employer too.
I firmly believe you never tell people what you don’t know, rather tell them what you do know. What you don’t know is something that will have to dig to figure out and hopefully you are already working there when they figure out the one out of 10 things you don’t have in the requirement 😉
Check out this video below.