How many pages should my resume be?

We feel, depending on your number of years of experience and number of places you’ve been, a 4-5 page resume is the maximum. 
Some feel they can accurately tell all they have done in 2-3 pages, that is ok too.
We rarely have a client who is happy to get an 8-9 page resume. 
This shows that you don’t have the ability to summarize. 
Write your resume, make sure you have a first and last name, an email address, be sure to have a skills section, then in reverse chronological order with MM/YY detail your experience. Bullets allow people to retain, so try not to write paragraphs. It is ok to leave off your scouting experience and that you are an avid bike rider, keep it professional and applicable.

What do I wear to an interview?

In our line of work, much is business casual day to day, however for an interview, we recommend professional business attire:

  • Dress or Suit Separates
  • Suit with collared shirt and tie

This attention to detail will be noticed and it shows your potential employer that you have taken the time to properly prepare for your interview. 

Suggestions for a telephone and in person interview.

I recently heard from a peer, "whomever is doing the most talking, that is the person who thinks the conversation is going best”. 
Let the client talk. 
You can speak too, that is why you are there, however sometimes people get excited and start talking and talking too fast, in the wrong direction and the client doesn’t think it is going as well as the candidate does.