HR Professionals

Need assistance attracting the right candidate? We creatively source and recruit excellent talent just for you.

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C-Level Executives

At Experienced Recruiting Partners we understand what is and what is not important. Create the life you want to live!

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Business Owners

Save time, save money and leverage our strategic connections. Building your vision while we provide you with top talent.

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Who We Are

Founded in 2011, Experienced Recruiting Partners is a group of accomplished recruiters who connect top talent with the best clients in the US. Our strategic relationships, quality career insight, and personal touch bring a responsible, efficient and professional experience to the recruiting industry. Our goal is to cultivate an excellent experience, because your company and your career is important to us.

We specialize in Information Technology and Engineering. Our experience spans across the following industries: Finance, Insurance, E-Commerce, Cloud, Software as a Service, Retail, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, Social Networking, Communications, Software/Hardware Services, Transportation and Logistics, Automotive, Chemicals, Manufacturing, and Semi-Conductor. With years of experience working for large, mid-level and smaller recruiting firms, as well as corporate recruiting experience, we have a refined process and look forward to working with you.

Experienced Recruiting Partners is Certified Women Owned and a Certified Small Business Enterprise with the NC HUB Office as well as Certified Women Owned in New York State and New Jersey.


Let's Work Together...

If you would like to discuss your next strategic move and how we may be able to work together, please reach out and let's grab a cup of coffee. Together we can accomplish anything. 


"Her style is one that is proactive, she does not come across as an order taker, nor does she just send me a good resume… She focuses on the commitment and delivers upon her promises, she is highly professional, has a up-standing reputation and is a value-added partner in the battle for top talent."

"A major factor in my decision to engage she and her team was the fact they provide an inside track into a valuable network of passive candidates that cannot be discovered through traditional sourcing methods or via online/print advertising."

"In both scenarios, she and her team brought a strong sense of urgency, vast knowledge of the labor market and set realistic expectations with me as the customer to ensure high quality candidates were submitted for our most critical roles."

"I have worked with Trish over the past 10 years, through a series of companies. She is one of my ‘go to’ recruiters. My needs are highly skilled computer technology professionals, mostly software developers. She understands my specifications when I provider her a role, and does not waste my time as she only sends candidates worth considering. She not only considers the technical skills fit, but also personality and culture. Her professionalism is top notch, and she can be trusted with confidentiality. I highly recommend using her services for recruiting talent into any organization."

"I am certain that any company who retains her services will be glad they do so."