Rapid Changes in the Labor Market – Remote or Onsite in the Future?

We are finding the labor market tight and finding the right people is truly an art form that takes a lot of time. More reason you might need to enlist the help of an organization like ours, finding people is what we do all day, every day, and nights and weekends. Let’s Talk.


Remote or Onsite Environment: Employees and consultants have enjoyed and have performed very well working the last 18 months remote. A majority (not all) want to continue working remotely given their positive overall experience. We have not been in a time where our technical capabilities have enabled such a vast amount of options to be available.

We can find people for you: Onsite, Remote or Hybrid model…. 100% Onsite is a stretch; however, we can find these people as long as the client is willing to pay.

Pay? It is a good time to be looking for work if you are thinking about making a change from your current position. Clients have had to revisit salary ranges given the tight labor circumstances of in demand skills.

Multiple Step Interview Process: We are finding clients are tending to have multiple step interviews, which is most understandable as a person is perhaps not coming into the office much or at all. When a client is hiring someone for a 100% Remote – Full Time role, they want to be sure that they are making the right decision for the company.

Interview Exercises: Some clients like to test people and do additional exercises/projects ahead of another interview. Although it can be valuable to the client, great candidates can be lost when the testing is more than what they want to do, and they have multiple options with other competing roles. 

We try to make sure the candidates stay engaged, clients are happy with candidate flow and the hire is completed. We welcome the opportunity to help candidates and clients navigate the current market…. it is a very dynamic one.
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