New Year, New Job!

Happy 2017 from all of us at Experienced Recruiting Partners!  We hope you enjoyed the relative quiet at the end of the year, during which time we shared holiday wishes with our clients and visited with them to learn their needs for the year ahead.

As you might imagine, the start of the year is one of the most active for both job-seekers and employers.  Job candidates have had time over the holidays to reflect upon their goals and achievements during the past year – and to consider their next steps in their careers. On the employer side, new budgets are in place and new projects are getting underway. Some quick New Year’s advice from our experts:

  • Carpe Diem. There’s lots of job activity right now, so jump in and see what’s available.
  • Be persistent. Employers may take some time in evaluating candidates, so it doesn’t hurt to keep your options open; apply for more than one position that suits your talents.
  • Consider your flexibility. If you’ve been thinking about making a move to a different geographical area, why not broaden your search to explore career options in other parts of the country? You’ll be eligible for even more opportunities.
  • Get ready to interview! We have worked with our clients for years, and have helpful knowledge of their workplaces and cultures. Once you’ve applied for a job that’s a good fit – and the hiring manager tells us the employer wants to talk with you — we will provide guidance about the interview process and the people you’ll meet. You’ll be well prepared every step of the way.


We invite you to check out the exciting positions our clients now have open. If you see something that looks like a good fit – for you, or perhaps a friend – please be in touch. We’re eager to start the conversation!