Mastering the Phone Interview

Listen to Yourself
Have you found a good use for your voice memo function on your iPhone? Here is one! Take the time to record yourself answering common questions on your iPhone. Listen, critic, and try again. This is a great way to really hear what you sound like to a potential employer, and fix unpleasant sounds from your mouth you had not noticed before. Incorporate appropriate technical terminology for the role. Refrain from slang. For example, do not blurt out “on fleek” for any reason. Speak positively. One of the worst decisions you can make is to bash an old or current employer.

Preparation and Diligence
Make sure you have your resume and supporting documents in front of you. A quick reference fact sheet about the company could be useful. Write out critical points to behavioral questions to help assist with brain freeze. Take your time when answering a question; make sure your material is relevant.

Most phone interviews are scheduled in advance. Please, do not go to the busiest Starbucks in town to find your inner chi. Pick a quiet place where the interviewer can hear you clearly. Avoid distractions. If you have small children at home, hire a babysitter and go to your best friends house for the interview. All of us know that if you have small kids, going into the other room is not enough. If they know you are in the same vicinity, they will find you. Moms, I know you understand what I am saying.

Take that Extra Step
Create a stunning online portfolio or add content to your linkedin profile that your interviewer could reference. This is a great way to get in front of them without actually being in front of them.

Shine Bright
Smiling transcends all! Facial expressions aren’t just seen, but also heard.  Last year Americans spent 1.4 billion dollars on over the counter teeth whitening products. You should put those dollars to work and shine those pearly whites, even if it’s to yourself.

Did you know that a person can predict your future by your handwriting? A woman once told me I would be the next Katy Couric according to my signature. I am still waiting for this prophecy to pass.  On a more serious note, society has become desensitized to electronic modes of communication. If you really want to stand out, get in touch with the “good ol’days” and send a hand written thank you note. Better yet, write on hand made paper.

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