Interviewing is More Than Just a One Person Responsibility

After reading this particular blog about “Interviewing is a two way street” by Tara de Jonge, I thought I’d share it with you, as I found it a good read, with some useful information.

“Recruitment like the housing market has changed over the years. It’s no longer a sellers’ market, or in this case, an employers’ market and sometimes our best selling point is the perception others have of us. It comes as no surprise that there is a talent shortage and I bet that if you ask any recruiter, what keeps them up at night, they’ll tell you it’s trying to find the best and brightest individuals to fill their most difficult mandates. So when we finally do succeed in finding these rare unicorns, it’s thoroughly disappointing when offers are not accepted. There are many reasons for candidates to decline offers so let’s do our best to make sure, the interview isn’t one of those reasons!

Many employers forget that interviewing is a two way street. As much as we expect candidates to be on time, be prepared, look the part and fit into our corporate culture, so too is the candidate looking for the same from us. Not only are we as professional interviewers scrutinizing and analyzing everything about the candidate, chances are, good candidates are doing exactly the same thing to us!

Below are a few tips that, in my opinion, if followed, will make the world of difference in the candidate experience and turn that possible NO, into a definite YES I’ll join your company.”

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